Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Here I am.

Several months ago, my best friend and instigator of practically all I have accomplished, told me that I should start a blog. Since we met, we have been in a state of constant competition, and even the gentle nudge of "should" carries with it the same breathless sensation as having been violently jerked from sleep by the angry gods of morning. It must be done, you might have done it, but I can wait no longer.

It's a wonderful friendship; the kind that exists simply because it was created. Neither the occasional acrimony nor digital communication device incompetency can oppress its light to shine. It propels me forward when complacency offers a welcome seat to recline and achingly reminds me that together we are an awful sweetness - nowhere to hide, no one to be better against, entirely equal and entirely different. We have separated several times, but we will never divorce.

So I dedicate this blog to you, dear friend. And now it will never be good enough.

From love, Kristen