Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Who's the big winner here tonight at the casino?"

Ashley, that's who!  Ashley's the big winner!  Ashley wins!

(If you haven't caught the Swingers reference yet, that's ok, we're still getting to know each other) had a thing for lucky #2 today, so the lovely auburn-haired Ashley of The Thing About Daisies... is the winner of my very first giveaway!

Ashley will be the recipient of this sexy-hot bracelet from Etsy Artisan Tawniwold....

 well as some excellent beauty schwag I scored at Ulta just the other day.  I promise a big send-off picture before I mail it all out in a few days.

Congrats Ashley!  I love reading your blog and am glad to see you'll get some enjoyment from mine too!

This cocktail's for you...


  1. Wow, that is such a pretty piece! Congrats Ashley, very happy for you!
    A beautiful bracelet for a beautiful baby :)

  2. Yes! Andi with the strong Swingers come back!

    This is a good group right here.

    Our baby's all grown up. :)

  3. I'm so very excited!

    All I do is stare at their mouths and wrinkle my nose, and I turn out to be a sweetheart.

    I had to think hard right there to un-jumble all of the movie quotes I have in my head.

  4. I love Swingers. That movie started my love of the band, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Also my love of Vince Vaughn and the need to see his movies just to see if he calls someone baby within the first 10 minutes :)

    Plus, Jon Favreau is a genius!!