Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful and Tank-full

Hello everyone and the most delicious and warm Thanksgiving to you all!!

Man oh man, this day was wonderful.

Just a few things and then I'm settling in on the sofa with a blanket, new crazy comfy jammies (these are heaven), and a spoiled puppy with leftover turkey in her sweet little belly.  I think it's gonna be a Serendipity night, or maybe a little Family Stone.  We'll see how much emotion I'm up for...

This is my first go-round with Bex and her Thursday Latelies link-up.  As you'll see, I'm not very webcam savvy (there's a motion delay I couldn't figure out, horrible lighting, raccoon eyes not at all indicative of how much eyeliner I was actually wearing, and I think I fussed with my hair too much), buuuuut I'm trying to get back in to the swing of things with blogging and I thought sidling up with a blog I'm fond of, and a blogger I respect, might help me find some inspiration and direction.  

Mostly, I'm just trying to find my balance.  It's one thing to feel strong, quite another to feel grounded, and it's hard to open up when you feel like your walking the tightrope.  I'm getting there though.  I'm getting to a place where I realize, and fully embrace, that my mistakes are not the end of the world.  Not even the end of my world.  Nothing is ever all bad.  And most importantly, nothing has more importance than God's grace.  Nothing I can do will ever outweigh God's ability to forgive, and I am finally beginning to understand the gravity of that truth.

I've also come to appreciate that a loving, united family is a gift, an absolute gift, and cherishing that family is an honor, not a responsibility.  I'm blessed to have what I have, nothing short of an abundance, in friends and family.  I'm so very thankful.  Or as my cousin's two and half year old daughter would say, "Tank-full".

Happy Holidays xo

(And PS - what's up with Vimeo picking the most unflattering freeze frame possible?  Uh Vimeo, I haz a suggestion for you...)

(Oh, and PPS - I recorded this video before I realized I'd be linking you back to my actual blog, so of course you know where my blog is now and that whole shazazz in the beginning about not knowing my web address is redundant.. and embarrassing.)

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