Monday, January 18, 2010

Let's lighten the load.

Affirmation of the day: There are darn good people in the world.

Thank you for the kind comments (and a few emails) in response to my last little journal entry here. Those were unexpected and very sweet and I felt a little kinship with each of you - so cheers to solidarity and getting back to the strong-willed little girl within!

I had myself a good cry and talked to my mama. The soul feels a little less bruised today - dare I say, even resilient? May be...

I even picked up the leftover Christmas paraphernalia. ::Hells bells Melanie!:: So things with hubs are looking up. I got one of those real hugs tonight. The I-just-realized-that-you-did-this-for-me-and-I-really-want-to-show-you-I-appreciate-it kind.

Heart melted right through my sweatpants.

So... shaking off the bad for tonight, reveling in the good, and I want to take it to lazy town. I'm watching Bachelor while perusing Etsy from the sofa sidebar and I'm just going to unload some goodies for goodies sake.

Take a load off with me and enjoy...

Ladies - can ya feel me?

By Order of the Crown - Keep Calm and Carry On T-Shirt

On to the next day... Goodnight friends. ::winks::


  1. Luxe Delux and Lirola are two of my absolute favorite sellers! And those clip-back vintage earrings would also make AWESOME shoe clips!

    And yesterday's post? Wow. Breathtakingly honest, real, and often hitting close to home. Kudos. And thank you.

  2. You have exquisite taste! I adore your picks.